Transferring Property to Family


At O’Halloran Conveyancing, we are experts in transferring property to family members. With over 40 years of conveyancing experience, you can put complete trust in us knowing we will always work with your best interests in mind. The transfer of property ownership can occur for a number of reasons. It may be a result of separation or divorce, where one party chooses to buy the other out. Or, perhaps a member of a joint ownership has passed away, leaving the property wholly to one person. Transferring property to family is something O’Halloran manage often for their clientele. By completing all of the complex paperwork and liaising with external financial institutions, we ensure the process is completed quickly and without stress!

Transferring Property to Family


The process of transferring property to family can often be completed without incurring stamp duty fees. However, there are still requirements that must be met to ensure you are not faced with an unexpected tax bill. That’s where O’Halloran Conveyancing comes in! We guarantee to go above and beyond to make sure even the finest details are considered. While we strive to do all the heavy lifting on your behalf, we will always keep you informed with progress and educate you about any key contractual and financial elements that you best understand moving forward. Your conveyancer will undertake the following tasks to achieve a smooth transition of ownership:

  • Searching for Certificate of Title
  • Conduct analysis of government departments & local authorities
  • Give advice on and/or draft contract
  • Prepare & certify legal documents
  • Prepare a settlement statement
  • Liaise with banks & other financial institutions
  • Complete a Verification of Identity check


Before transferring property, it is absolutely essential that you seek the expert assistance of O’Halloran Conveyancing. Our commitment to providing South Australians with the highest level of service and care is simply unrivalled in our industry. We are driven by achieving the best possible solution for each and every client, through providing a holistic and reliable approach across a range of services. In addition to transferring property to family, we specialise in residential & commercial property, and rural & business transactions. We are a member of The Australian Institute of Conveyancers (SA Division) Incorporated (AIC), and the Property Exchange Australia (PEXA). Additionally, with offices in Mt Barker and Adelaide, we are ready to assist you with your next property transaction! If you need more information, we will happily discuss your situation free of charge!

Before you go anywhere else, call O’Halloran Conveyancing. When transferring property to family, it pays to turn to someone you can trust.