West Beach Conveyancing

Experienced Conveyancing Professionals in West Beach

Are you looking to buy or sell a property and require the services of a professional conveyancing company in West Beach? You can rely on the O’Halloran Conveyancing team for assistance. We are driven by excellence and determination to secure every client’s best outcome or solution. Over the years, we have become a reliable, leading, and experienced conveyancing firm in South Australia, with longevity that speaks for itself. As professionals, we are committed to excellent customer service and ensuring our clients are happy with the outcome.


During our 50 years of existence, we have gained specialised skills and knowledge to assist our clients. Whether you want assistance involving residential property, commercial property, rural or business transactions, we are a team that is passionate and ready to deliver to your satisfaction. We are conveniently located and always available by telephone to advise you and walk you through the conveyancing process from start to finish.

West Beach Conveyancing

Ensure the Buying or Selling Process for Your West Beach Property is Seamless with Our Conveyancing Services

When transferring legal ownership of real property from one legal entity to another, legal processes are involved as set out in legislation and common law. As a conveyancing company that has existed for over five decades, we will be there to conduct the investigations to protect your interests and ensure that nothing adversely affects your right to enjoy the property. When you engage our professionals, we will undertake the tasks required for a smooth transition of ownership, including:


    • Searching the Certificate of Title
    • Conducting searches of government departments and local authorities
    • Giving advice on or drafting the contract
    • Preparing and certifying legal documents
    • Preparing a settlement statement, which includes calculating the adjusted rates and taxes between the parties
    • Liaising with banks and other parties
    • Undertaking a Verification of Identity check


We are qualified and experienced to offer advice involving residential, business settlements, commercial property settlements, private mortgages, rural settlements, land division, and the preparation of private contracts.

One-Stop Shop for All Your Conveyancing Needs in West Beach

Conveyancing can be overwhelming, especially for those buying or selling their first property. Whether you are buying or selling commercial property or completing a small business settlement, there are a lot of things that you need to consider. In this instance and many others, our conveyancing professionals’ advice in West Beach comes into play.


At O’Halloran Conveyancing, we can help you navigate the scene before buying a commercial property and determine whether there are ongoing costs associated with the property and if they have been disclosed correctly. If you are taking over a pre-existing lease, we will scrutinise the lease and help you understand the terms and conditions better before investing your money. We are capable of conducting all the searches needed on your behalf and ensuring that you are fully compliant with the law.

If you’d like to learn more about how our conveyancing services in West Beach are essential for your property settlement, contact O’Halloran Conveyancing today.