Electronic Conveyancing Adelaide


Electronic Conveyancing Adelaide (E-conveyancing) has fast become a popular settlement alternative. This is because it provides a single system to complete all your property transactions online; checking and verifying all information in the process. It’s also fully compliant with the tax and duty requirements of revenue offices. Everything that passes through the system is also recorded, with tight security to protect your information. Further, it can pick up any mistakes that the human eye may miss, which doubles the likelihood of a smooth transition. Overall, the transaction time is much quicker than the traditional method and the process is simple for all parties involved. Applications can be downloaded by both the buyer and seller to watch the development in real-time. So, chat to a member of our team about our electronic conveyancing Adelaide!

Electronic Conveyancing Adelaide


At O’Halloran Conveyancing, we also provide a range of other services in addition to our electronic conveyancing Adelaide. We make sure nothing interferes with your right to enjoy the property you have secured. This includes:

  • Searching the Certificate of Title.
  • Conducting searches of government departments and local authorities.
  • Giving advice on, or drafting, the contract.
  • Preparing and certifying legal documents.
  • Preparing a settlement statement, which includes calculating the adjusted rates and taxes between the parties.
  • Liaising with banks and other parties.
  • Undertaking a Verification of Identity check.

Our team are prompt, accurate, and give every document the attention it needs. Above all, customer service always takes precedence. This means showing empathy and being understanding when first-time property buyers walk through our doors. We’ll explain each step to make sure you know exactly what you’re signing for. Learn more about our electronic conveyancing and call (08) 8212 4034.


To make sure our electronic conveyancing Adelaide is up to scratch with industry standards, we’re proud members of The Australian Institute of Conveyancers (SA division) Incorporated (AIC), and Property Exchange Australia (PEXA). The AIC represents the interests of the conveyancing profession, with all members required to promote respect, integrity, accountability, cooperation, and honesty. Approaching an approved member of the AIC warrants ethical conduct, expert advice, and professional service. This is exactly what you’ll receive at O’Halloran Conveyancing—with a direct focus on securing the best outcomes possible. PEXA are leaders in electronic conveyancing. They’ve digitally transformed the property exchange experience, offering fast-access to cleared funds. Digital processing is expected to be the way of the future, and we’re proud to support new developments in our industry. If you’d like to learn more about electronic conveyancing, our team are always up for a chat!

For all your enquiries regarding electronic conveyancing Adelaide, call us on (08) 8212 4034. Throughout our 40 years in conveyancing, we’ve helped many people achieve their desired outcomes in minimal time. For all your residential, commercial and rural property transactions, leave it to the professionals!