Property Conveyancer Adelaide


A property conveyancer Adelaide is absolutely essential when it comes to transferring property ownership. You no longer have to worry about meeting deadlines, missing information, or struggling to understand the complex terminology. We walk you through the process from start to finish, and our electronic conveyancing in Adelaide service makes this even easier. In summary, a conveyancer is a person who oversees all the necessary documentation (such as contract of sale and memorandum of transfer) to legally hand over ownership of a property. This service benefits both the buyer and the seller, and either party can be represented in the event of a turnover. There’s nothing worse than reaching the tail-end of the process, only for everything to fall through. Therefore, we make sure there’s no chance of this happening and provide you with clarification if confusion rouses. If you’re looking for a property conveyancer you can trust, start with O’Halloran Conveyancing!

Property Conveyancer Adelaide


Our property conveyancer in Adelaide empathizes with clients as they’re weighed down by the stress of feeling confused and insecure. Buying a property could very well be the largest investment you ever make, so it’s important you feel like you’re in safe hands. Reliability is just one of the attributions we proudly possess here at O’Halloran Conveyancing. We’re professional, experienced, and 100% results driven. Our goal is to achieve the absolute best outcome for every client we meet. So far, we have a glowing track record to give our claims premise! Having been in the game for more than forty years, we’re used to adapting when new developments arise, to simplify the customer experience. This is exactly why we’ve introduced E-Conveyancing technology to digitally process your application if requested. This solution enables a fast, simple, accurate and informative lodgement process. Chat to our property conveyancer Adelaide for more information on our core values!


We accommodate people involved in all kinds of property transfers. Our property conveyancer in Adelaide will cover:

  • Residential settlements;
  • Business settlements;
  • Commercial settlements;
  • Rural settlements;
  • Land division;
  • Deceased estates;
  • Family and matrimonial transfers;
  • Preparation of private contracts;
  • All types of leasing agreements and caveats.

While we try and maintain consistency in our approach, each job needs to be analysed on a case-by-case basis to achieve best results. Residential settlements are by far our most common cases, so here’s a little bit of information regarding our typical procedures. In addition to the standard legal documentation, our conveyancers will advise you on all aspects of the transaction. This may include eligibility advice regarding possible exemptions (like stamp duty), and property insurance recommendations. Our property conveyancer Adelaide will also disclose the pros and cons of different ownership agreements—like joint tenants or tenants in common.

For more information of our extensive service list, call us on (08) 8212 4034! We’re happy to answer any of your queries to help you make the right choice when it comes to your property conveyancer Adelaide.